did you know…? Chaetophobia, Trichopathophobia, Trichophobia, and Hypertrichophobia are names of phobias relating to the fear of hair! Exte film poster


EXTE. A hair-raising Japanese-horror PREVIEW.

*** Exclusive preview of EXTE (Hair Extensions) FRI 27th JUNE *** BOOK NOW! Tickets: £8 in advance / £12 on door (Members £7/£10). 0871 7033988. In person: Curzon Soho Shaftesbury Ave, London.

The new J-Horror with brains…and HAIR! Chiaki Kuriyama (KILL BILL, BATTLE ROYALE) stars as Yuko, a budding hair stylist who is unaware that the hair extensions she uses on her clients are actually cursed… and are out for revenge. A satirical horror that delivers both in scares and laughs, this film marks director Sion Sono as one to watch. See it before the inevitable US remake!

For our hairy pre-screening party from 9.30pm, we encourage radical hairstyles, cool wigs and, if you dare…extensions.

MUSIC CONFIRMED: We are delighted to have Amanda Palmer from THE DRESDEN DOLLS DJ’ing before the screening.

With thanks to Revolver Entertainment and Melissa at Roadrunner Records.