Hey hey. All of you who bought tickets for our SOLD OUT Midnight Movies at the Curzon Soho on Fri 28th March – well done and good for you! We would just like to let you know that the start time for the films (with trailers!) is earlier than advertised: 11pm. So please make sure you have collected your tickets by 10:30pm at the latest.¬†We’ll see you on Friday.

Under the Influence x


I think we’re onto something here…

Last night’s launch event for Curzon Midnight Movies was a massive success! A sold out screen (it was sold out a few days before the 29th, even!), and lots of drunken merry-making in the bar meant that by the time we got into the screen we were all getting into the trashy 80’s comic grossness of our launch film ‘Society’. Cheers, applause, heckles (and a few loo trips) made it seem like we were really back in the good ol’ Midnight Movie days; proving we are more than a match for the typical loud American audiences! Who says us Brits can’t let our hair down? Eh?! (pics coming soon)…

big love x